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FEBICO®MACA: STRENGTH, NUTRITION, & ENERGY, Sexual Function Health supplement, 500mg*60 capsules per bottle

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FEBICO's Maca is a combination of the widely used maca and the most powerful ancient Chinese medicines. The superior 4 in 1 combination will improve reproductive disorders and erectile dysfunction!

Product Features

  • 100% vegetable whole food
  • Non-toxic energetic, hormonal nourishing herb with no downside effects
  • FEBICO’s very own formula which includes well known Chinese herbs such as : Lycopene, Ginseng, and Caterpillar Fungus.

Major Functions (Indication)

  • Induces sexual hormone production to both men and women
  • A health giving natural product to boost energy levels, physical stamina and strength.
  • Enhances energy 
Main Ingredient: Maca Extract, Zinc, Selenium, Lycopene, Ginseng Extract, and Caterpillar Fungus mycelium
Packaging: 500 mg/capsule, 60 capsules/bottle
Recommended for: 1. Increases libido
2. Enhance energy, stamina, atheletic performance
3. Induces hormone production for men and women
Recommended Dosage: 1 capsule/day for daily maintenance.
2 capsules/day for enhanced function.
Attention: 1. Pregnant, lactating women to consult a physician before using this product.
2. Users with medical condition or on medication should consult a physician before using this or any other supplement.
3. Users consuming Warfarin to consult a physician before using this supplement.