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Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.)

What is Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.)? 

FEBICO Chlorella Extracts, also known as Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.), is derived from the hot water extract of chlorella that contains a precious mixture of all the water-soluble ingredients in chlorella. Only 4-5 grams of C.G.F. can be extracted from 100 grams of chlorella. C.G.F. extract is known for its growth promotion and healing properties and contains full of nucleic acids, peptides, water-soluble vitamins, and minerals, which is a remarkable nutritional supplement.

C.G.F. is found to promote rapid growth for children and also it can build immune systems while promoting rapid tissue healing, both internally and externally. It also strengthens our body’s ability to recover quickly from strenuous exercise and even disease.


About the product:
  • 500mg x 30 capsules per bottle
  • 20-30% of C.G.F. per capsule
  • High Concentration Of Chlorella Growth Factor(C.G.F.)
  • All vegetable nutrients
  • Our Chlorella is accredited with Taiwan “Cracked Cell Wall” process patent. (183428)
  • Contains enriched and complete nutrients that are best for maintaining one’s health during and after illness
  • Synergistically effect while taken with Chlorella and C.G.F to support proper function of metabolism and physical mechanisms
  • Enriched nucleid acid and nucleotide increase physical stamina

Major Functions (Indication):

  • Full of nucleid acids that promote rapid growth, enhance immune systems, and promote rapid tissue healing
  • Stimulates activities of T-cells and macrophages, and supports immune system functions
  • Beneficial in the prevention of allergic diseases and prevents casein allergy, a major cause of milk allergy
  • Increase growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon


Main Ingredient:

Chlorella water extract powder, vegetarian capsule


500mg *30 capsules 

Recommended for:

1. People who pursue healthy metabolism
2. Workers and elders for better physical strength 
3. Patient-care supplement during and after treatment 
4. People who desire optimum skin condition
5. Growing teenagers.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1-2 capsules daily.


Keep in a cool and dry place.