Apogen Probiotics Granule

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Product Features

  • Scientifically proven to block viruses from entering cells
  • Scientifically proven to prevent Type A and B Flu, and H1N1
  • Apogen is made of purified, concentrated natural microalgae proteins and nucleotides.
  • Lactobacillus Sporogenes (LS-66) produces good bacteria and keep good digestion functions.
  • S.G.F provides the activity of bacteria.
  • Spirulina is rich in fiber which can maintain digestive function
  • Natural and can be taken daily with no side effects
  • USA Patent No. US6346408
  • Change your intestinal ecosystem to good bacteria and maintains good health and digestion functions.
  • Help body's metabolism and keep physical balance.
  • Apogen formulated with probiotics protects your digestive system from viral attacks.
  • Increase resistance to intestinal infection and lessen the severity of a cold.
  • Apogen patent extraction can help maintain good health and adjust on a balance nutrition.
Main Ingredients: Apogen® Microalgae Extraction (APC, CPC, S.G.F, sulfated polysaccharide, nucleic acid, peptide, amino acids, minerals), Lactobacillus Sporogenesis, Organic Spirulina
Packaging: 80g/bottle
Recommended Dosage: Adults: 4 grams per day.
Children age 12 and under, 2 grams per day. 
Attention: Avoid mixing with hot liquids (> 5C/122°F)