Biophyto® Premium Chlorella tablets - 200mg x 1250tablets

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Biophyto® Chlorella Tablets (Broken Cell Wall Chlorella)

Helps bowel movement/Enhances metabolism 

[Product Description]
• 100% Pure and Natural Food
• Vegan, excipient free, gluten free

• Cultivated by Clean Spring Mountain Water with no heavy metal pollutant
• Our special “Cracked Cell Wall” process enhances the chlorella absorption rate from 40% to 80% while maintain 100% nutrients! This process has received Taiwan Patent (183428).

200 mg/tablet, 1250 tablets/pack
250g powder/pack 

100% Pure, Premium Grade Formosa Chlorella

[Nutritious Benefits]shutterstock-247352287-6-.jpg

• All vegetable nutrient
• Dietary fiber helps bowel movement and enhances internal body cleansing
• Lutein helps protect your eye from oxidative stress and high-energy light
• Chlorophyll, iron, and vitamin B (folic acid) can adjust body proper mechanisms
• 100% Formosa chlorella, absolutely free of any additives

• Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) stimulates body-repairing mechanisms from stress and toxic substances

[Major functions]
• Helps bowel movement
• Enhances metabolism
• Improves chronic conditions internally and stop the growth of toxic bacteria
• Eliminates heavy metal, purifies the bowels and the entire body
• Great help for digestive problems and constipation problem
• A nature body detoxifier