Febico Selenium - Trace element enriched spirulina - 500mg x 180tablets (Old Packing)

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Febico Selenium Spirulina A+ (Old Packing)

The best choice of organically bound form trace elements from Spirulina. 

Febico Selenium Spirulina A+ is a highly nutritious blue-green algae and a rich source of vitamins, β-carotene, minerals, chlorophyll, gamma-linolenic acid(GLA) and protein.

Febico Selenium Spirulina A+

contains naturally trace element selenium which helps protect cells against oxidative stress and supports function of the immune system.

Febico Selenium Spirulina A+

is cultivated in clean, uncontaminated, environmentally-protected mountain spring water.

Major Functions (Indication)

  • Contains trace element selenium, which makes the bioavailability of selenium higher. Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidases which are primarily responsible for reducing peroxide free radicals that include lipid peroxide formation in cell membranes.
  • Reduction of peroxides formed by oxidation of membrane phospholipids breaks the auto-oxidative chain reaction that damages cell membranes.
  • Selenium-dependent antioxidant protection of cell membrane phospholipids is synergistic with vitamin E.
  • Selenium also has a role in prostaglandin synthesis by protecting the oxidative state of lipid intermediates formed during cyclooxygenase reactions which determines the balance of the end products and whether proaggregatory, pro-inflammatory or anti-aggregatory, anti-inflammatory responses will dominate.
Main Ingredient: Spirulina (containing trace element Selenium)
Packaging: 500mg 180tablets /bottle
Recommended Dosage: Adults take 4-8 tablets (2-4g) daily
Note: Keep in a cool and dry place