FEBICO Sorokina® PPAR 3in1

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FEBICO Sorokina® PPAR 3in1

What is Sorokina® PPAR 3in1? 

Sorokina PPAR tablets is 3 combination for Chlorella Sorokiniana, FEM-101 Spirulina and Schizochytrium sp (DHA algae). Sorokina PPAR tablets is a natural vitamin contains rich protein, high dietary fiber, phytochemicals (beta carotene, phycocyanin, chlorophyll), 9 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, growth factors, unsaturated fatty acids (GLA, DHA, EPA, ARA). It provides energy lasts for a day via comprehensive list of nutrients.


About the product:

  • Sorokina's superior nutritional value and its naturally occurring lipids (PUFA) for activating alpha, beta, and gamma PPARs.
  • Patented Advanced Extracting Method Preserves 80% of Chlorella's Nutrients for absorption.
  • Terrific Source of Microalgae DHA For Vegetarians and Pregnant women.

Major Functions (Indication):

  • Supports Brain and Eye Health
  • Helps Control Hyperglycemia and Diabetes
  • Increases HDL cholesterol and lowers LDL cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Control Obesity
  • Helps Control Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Protective Functions
  • Complete Nutritious Supplement 


Main Ingredient: Chlorella Sorokiniana, Spirulina, algae DHA
Packaging: 200 mg/tablet, 300 tablets/bottle
Recommended Dosage: 15 tablets a day, best taken before meals. 
Half dosage for children below 12 years old.