Biophyto® Premium Spirulina Tablets - 200mg x 1250 tablets

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Biophyto® Premium Natural Spirulina

Balance Immunity/ Boost Energy


Biophyto----- Phyto Nutrition Provider

As a nature lover, we grow our spirulina and chlorella in pure mountain spring water.
This unique setting allows our spirulina and chlorella to absorb the nutrients and minerals from the spring water and transform them naturally into many minerals.
Also we cultivate our spirulina and chlorella carefully and at the each stage of production, each package needs to pass through series tests and examinations in order to supply the best quality of chlorella and spirulina for you. 

Currently we have:
100% pure chlorella tablets and powders
100% pure spirulina tablets and powders
50%+50% 2 in 1 chlorella & spirulina.

[Product Description]
• 100% Pure and Natural Food
• Rich with vitamin complex B and essential amino acids

• Cultivated by Clean Spring Mountain Water with no heavy metal pollutant
• Vegan, excipient free, gluten free


100% Pure, Premium Grade Formosa Spirulina

[Nutritious Benefits]
• Enriched Vitamin Complex B, and vegetable B12
• High content (70%) of all-vegetable protein
• Essential fatty acid - GLA
• 100% vegetable whole food

[Major functions]
• Balance immune system and restore energy.
• Spirulina contains enriched vitamin complex B, essential amino acids, and antioxidants. It is a super food to support your healthy immune system to restore energy from stress and chronic fatigue.