Chlorella and Spirulina are arguably two of the most nutrient rich Superfoods on the planet today. Benefits from taking these amazing wholefood supplements are wide-reaching and reported by many satisfied consumers. They are proven to help restore optimum health to the body.

FEBICO is one of the top producers of Certified Organic Chlorella and Spirulina worldwide. They are the ONLY producer using fresh, pure, mountain spring water untainted by human activity. It flows from Mt Dawu, the highest peak in the South of Taiwan, located in the fiercely protected Kenting National Park.

FEBICO's adherence to high quality standards makes their Microalgae products one of the finest, most sought after, anywhere.

But, not only the finest Chlorella & Spirulina...

When a company like FEBICO is renowned for making such high quality organic Chlorella and Spirulina products, their other nutritional achievements tend to get overshadowed.

FEBICO's research team have developed many other related nutritional supplements that you really must take the time to consider. They are impressive to say the least.

Products like...

Astaxanthin - Best Antioxidant ever
Apogen - Natural Anti-Viral Remedy
Bpogen - Liver Support
LS-66 Probiotic - High Quality Probiotics with CGF and Enzymes
Natto Complex - Cardiovascular Support
DHA - Pure Vegetarian Source (Vegan Friendly)
Maca - Energy Enhancement

and much more...

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What if I have a problem ordering?

If you have ANY trouble at all using this online store, please contact us right away by using the contact form by clicking here.

We are happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Where can I find out more about your company? 

We have more information about our company Febico Here

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